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Casablanca Video TBA Calgary ph.403.240.3472

We have just launched a crowd funding with Kickstarter 

 so that we can get funds to reopen we have found a place and it is in the paperwork stage....however it is taking longer than planned and it is depleting what funds we have left so we are asking for your choose a reward as well as pass this along to friends.....if we don't make the our goal you will not be charged. Help us to reopen.

 We are looking for a place to open the store somewhere with Deerfoot access and LRT.  We have been busy looking at a number of places. We require around the 4,000 square feet. Because we started to require more space at the MacLeod Tr store. As in the 6 months we were there we added to our collection about 10,000 more dvd's. My dream is to have enough space to have a small screening room in which we can do classes, discussions and just watch movies together. We will keep yo0u posted to what is going on. We plan only to be down 2 months at the most. Our telephone number is still the same and will keep a message posted on it as well. Special orders still doing if you want to buy a movie leave details and will research and get back to you with a price and then arrange a place so that you can get your movies. If you have ordered and still waiting for them to come in I will phone and get the movies to you. Thank You for your support and letting me know that people want more choices and watch what they want when they want.

 One thing I have found from moving, that we have a Ton of movies!!!